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Defining Cuddling, Spooning, and Other Comfy Words

When discussing scientific phenomena, it’s important to define your terms. After all, if you think that spooning and cuddling are the same thing (as some people seem to,) you’ll be awfully confused when we rail against the former and celebrate the latter. As a result, we felt it was necessary to dedicate a post to explaining what we intend when we use many common touch-related words. See our definitions after the jump! Continue reading


Is Spooning the Best Way to Cuddle?

Picture people cuddling.

Most people instructed to do so will imagine a couple laying in bed, one behind the other. This is, of course, the classic spooning position:

Human Figures Spooning

Indeed, spooning is how people generally tend to get their cuddling in. It’s convenient: if you’re already lying down, the spoon position is just a half-turn away. And, it’s intuitive… just hugging someone from behind while lying down, really.

But, are you really in love with spooning? It certainly does have its downsides. From the well-documented standup fodder that is the “spooning dead-arm”, to its universally dismaying but rarely discussed heat-transfer issues (no cuddling in summertime?), spooning presents cuddlers with a number of challenges. The more persistent among you have no doubt powered through these, possibly even attempting solutions (arm up under the big spoon’s head? creatively placed pillows? thermostat at 45 degrees?) None of these fixes, though, is totally successful—they fail to maximize comfort and closeness, or do so only at the expense of spontaneity.

So, have we come up with the ultimate solution to spooning’s flaws? No. In fact, this post isn’t about perfecting the spoon. It’s about dethroning it. Let’s get this out in the open: spooning sucks!

Don’t get your PJs in a twist, Spooninites. We’re clearly not about to cut in on your cuddling time. We’re not even saying you should never spoon again… necessarily. But we do think that if you give us a page or two, we can at least convince you that the spoon is undeserving of its place at the top of the cuddling hierarchy. And frankly, you’ll be a better person for it.

The word “spooning” must cease to be synonymous with the word “cuddling.” Let the revolution begin. Continue reading

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