Today’s post was scheduled to discuss the physiological benefits of the “cuddle hormone,” oxytocin—our raison d’ĂȘtre. But when a friend linked us the call for Occupy Portland’s “MARCH to Occupy Pearl District,” scheduled for tomorrow, we realized that transmitting another idea of ours might be more useful.

Occupy Portland Rally Poster

100% of people should cuddle, but we'd settle for 99%.

You see, he quoted one part of the post specifically:

Camp Meeting starts at 4:00 PM, with a Potluck at 7:00 PM, and a CUDDLE PARTY at 10:00 PM. We plan on staying the entire night. {Caps ours.}

Including a cuddle party in this event is a great idea precisely because of oxytocin. Released by social touch, the hormone will help to bond the protesters together, as well as increase their contentment and reduce any anxiety associated with their actions. Considering that the protesters are already convinced of this, however, we felt that it would be more useful to discuss the physical act of cuddling en masse—and the pitfalls and benefits associated with it.

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