In our first post, we claimed to have isolated the variables that lead to good cuddling. Today, we’re actually going to teach them to you. And just as any good recipe begins with its ingredients, a good cuddling position takes the human body into account first and foremost.

Over the course of our history, humankind has made astonishing progress in the study of the body as a weapon. The martial arts have formalized the use of the most dangerous parts of human anatomy, developing precise techniques to handle nearly any situation. It is easy enough to think of the “weapon” parts of the body—the fist and foot as used for punches and kicks; the elbow, knee and shin as traditionally utilized in muay thai; even the head can be brought to bear in devastating attacks.

Football Headbutt

Not a recommended cuddling position.

Allow us to be the first to suggest that the human body is at least as much pillow as it is weapon. While the peripheral parts of the body mentioned above can be quite uncomfortable indeed, most of your center mass is soft and perfect for cuddling. The chest, stomach, lap and butt are essentially human cushions, and should be utilized whenever possible during cuddling. Likewise, the involvement of the “weapon” parts of the body should be controlled. Today, we pioneer the vestial arts. Continue reading