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Nick Frost, Cuddle Champion (cont’d)

We don’t want to go overboard on the Nick Frost posts, or anything… but his hugging demonstration on Conan last night sums up our hug philosophy pretty much perfectly. He gets all the right pillow parts involved. The hug talk starts at around 3:25 in the video below.

Edit: Unfortunately, Conan‘s player seems to start clips immediately upon loading no matter what, so we’ll just link to the video.

Last one… we promise. (We think.)


Exciting Times at Cuddle Labs

An unloadably dangerous cuddling position.

Cuddle Labs does the hard research, so you don't have to.

Cuddle Labs is hard at work, pushing the boundaries of cuddling research and reformulating our web design.  We’ve been lax in sharing the knowledge of late, and we apologize for that. But we have continued to hungrily accumulate it, so stay tuned as regular updates resume this week! Things will only get cuddlier from here on out.

For now, stay cuddly, and stay warm.

Welcome, Nick Frost followers!

Nick Frost putting Simon Pegg into a Headlock

Nick giving a... perhaps... overenthusiastic hug? to friend Simon Pegg.

Amazing actor Nick Frost gave us a shoutout on Twitter today–and it’s getting us more traffic than we’ve ever had before. We’re so grateful! Thanks, Nick! You are owed a great many cuddles. Everyone go see The Adventures of Tin Tin!

Ahem, sorry… we’re quite excited. To all our new visitors, welcome. If you’d like to catch up on the cuddle science we’ve shared so far, please check out some of our best posts:

And if you’re wondering exactly what in the world you’ve arrived at, please visit our first post. It will explain everything.

…It will explain as much as can be explained.

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